Роликовые коньки Roces X35 2015 – видео


100K - LET'S GO ➡️ bit.ly/wheeladdict http://bit.ly/wheeladdictPT ➡️ WHEELADDICT T-SHIRTS - BUY HERE: white ...

Sightseeing in Prague | Roces X35 inline skates | SkatePro.com

Jara Mrstny is taking the Roces X35 to the test as he's shredding through the streets of Prague. We're stoked about Jara and the ...

Chad Hornish // ROCES x35 TRISKATE 110 // CRUISE

Chad Hornish cruising around in the Roces x35 110mm Triskate Filmed/edited by Ryan Buchanan.

Chad Hornish // Roces x35 3x110

Chad Hornish skating the Roces x35 3x110 skates at a bmx trail Film/edited by Ryan Buchanan.

2016 Roces Veni Urban Inline Skates Review

The Roces Veni Urban Inline Skates serve as an excellent entry level skate for most recreational or fitness skating activities.

Will it Grind Ep5: 5 Wheel Roces with Tim Dawe

5 wheels for episode 5! Featuring @slayvid_baechovny Check me out on the social medias. Insta: https://www.instagram.com ...

Ролики Roces abec 7 рочес разбор подшипник

Как смазать тут https://youtu.be/PpzNDBqYnk0.

Prague's old town - Inline skating

23.12.2015 - Prague - Czech Republic - Europe Music: Damian Marley - Road To Zion ( EFIX & XKAEM Cover ) Alive - Empire Of ...

Roces Brasil - Wanderley Rodrigues - Pro File 2015 On Line

Abrindo o ano com muito flow e estilo do nosso atleta PRO Wanderley Rodrigues. Imagens: Felipe Zambardino, Kaia Malaghini e ...

Артем Андреев - Стайл-слалом. Горячий асфальт 2012

1 место в соревнованиях по стайл-слалому среди мужчин.

Как смазать ролики на роликовых коньках?

Как смазать ролики на роликовых коньках.

Roces Lab Inline Fitness Skates Men's 2013 Review

Roces has been hard at work in the LABoratory working on something new and here it is, the 2013 Roces Lab Inline Fitness ...

Roces - Tattoo Patins Vídeo Promo

Os patins da Roces são fabricados para serem utilizados em condições extremas. Desde a linha básica você conta com os ...

Roces Gymnasium Inline Fitness Skates 2013 Review

The flagship of the Sporty line, the 2013 Roces Gymnasium Inline Fitness Skates are excellent for entry level training or everyday ...

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